Ensuring that public service activities and the exercise of decision-making powers are carried out in a proper
legal manner consistent with fairness and good administrative practice.


Please be advised that the Freedom of Information Unit has relocated from level 5, National Library Building, Cor. Hart Abercromby Streets, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. 

 to the address below:

The Freedom of Information Unit
Ministry of Communications
TIC Building, Lady Young Road,
Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

Our telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are as follows:
Tel: (868) 674-1333  ext. 7006, 5040 and 2010

This is the website of the Freedom of Information Unit (FOIU) of the Ministry Of Public Administration and Communications. The Unit is committed to supporting transparency and accountability within Government by:

  • Ensuring that all public authorities are aware of their responsibilities under the Act through sensitization and training
  • Ensuring that citizens are aware of their rights under the Act through public awareness campaigns
  • Providing support services for Government agencies and members of the public on matters pertaining to the Act
  • Monitoring and evaluating the operations of the Act and making recommendations to ensure that the objectives of the Act are met